A home is where you make memories. It holds the hopes and dreams of every person who has ever called it home. When the time comes to make new dreams happen, there’s no better agency than VSM to offer you the best opportunies.


Invest with Confidence with VSM

Real estate has long been recognized as a valuable addition to the traditional stock and bond portfolio model.


Yet most investors struggle to efficiently access the asset class, where finding quality investment opportunities requires relationships, expertise and an excellent local market knowledge.


That’s where VSM Real Estate comes in :  we offer you unique investment opportunities, but also offer you the opportunity to sell your individual property interests - bringing liquidity to what used to be an illiquid asset class.

From helping you to define your investment goals, property wish list and identifying the right property, through to finding the best tenants, managing your property on a day to day basis and striving to maximise your investment returns while focusing on long-term profitability.

We are your property investing and management partner and we would love to help you realise your property investing dreams.

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Changing the face of Property Management

VSM Real Estate has a team of experienced senior level property managers who are dedicated to ensuring our vast property management portfolio is carefully and responsibly managed.


We oversee smaller teams of property managers, ensuring there are multiple layers of support and guidance on all of our properties.


Our full attention is solely focused on our landlords and tenants. Your investment is our first priority, as providing the best living experience to your quality tenants.

VSM is committed to delivering the best quality tenants, who pay the best possible rental for your home - as well as a guarantee of exceptional customer service. 


From renovations and leasing to third party management, VSM makes renting easy and stress free : we focus on maximizing values and reducing operating expenses, and are known for our responsiveness and professionalism.


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