Respect and Reciprocation – Keys to Great Agent / Client Relationships

As real estate brokers and agents, the most valuable thing that we have to offer our clients is our time and skill. We are always willing to offer both to our clients when they are willing to commit to us as well. It’s a pretty simple concept to us in the business, which is to say “we’ll commit to you, if you commit to me”.

More often than I can comprehend, folks are unwilling to sign an agency agreement with their agent. It is on us to explain to you that you do not owe anything for signing the agreement. All that you are agreeing on is that when and if the home that you are looking for is found, and purchased, that we will be getting paid for our efforts.

Most agents will ask to work in an exclusive capacity, so that the client is not trying to do it themselves, and with other agents. The reason we prefer this is because we are going to expend considerable time and energy with out any guarantee of payment.

It’s especially important that we work in an exclusive capacity with our investor clients. The reason is, we are not likely to bring the off market deals that we find to clients that are not in our list of trusted, serious clients. Show your loyalty to a good agent / broker and they will show it back to you.

Treat every agent like they don’t matter and they won’t go out of their way for you either. All relationships are built on certain common principles – mutual benefit, respect, and trust are chief among them.


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